Happy Yoga Mat

Happy Mat Yoga

Being Happy Mat Yoga Practioner 

In this post, happy mat yoga, we discuss the benefits of yoga for your mental health and the reasons why yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the west.

Yoga practice is not only good for your body, but it can also make you happier. In fact, there are many studies that show that practicing yoga can actually help people reduce their stress levels.

Reasons why yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the west

It is becoming increasingly popular because people are discovering that yoga is a great form of exercise. Yoga helps to strengthen and stretch muscles that might be weak from sitting all day or having sedentary jobs. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Benefits of happy mat yoga

Happy Mat Yoga helps you to practice the art of mindful meditation, which can help you to learn to calm down and relax.

How to practice mat yoga 

Practice yoga regularly: It is recommended that you practice yoga at least once a week. You can start by doing simple yoga poses that are easy to learn.

Learn to control your mind: Yoga teaches us how to control our minds. Yoga helps us to learn to be more positive and to become more focused.

Understand your body: Yoga is a great way to understand your body. It can help you understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses. You can use yoga to help you heal and recover from injuries.

Learn to relax: When you’re stressed out, you can’t focus on your yoga. Learning to relax and calm yourself down will help you to be more relaxed when you practice yoga.

Yoga and the brain

In the last five years, the number of studies on the brain and yoga has increased significantly. Many people who practice yoga have been found to have better focus, concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function.

Here is a simple breathing exercise to get you started.

For beginners:

To practice this breathing exercise. Sit up, and make sure your shoulders and head are aligned with your spine.

Cross-legged is best, but you can use a chair or sit on the floor for support to align your spine.

Bring your spine to your head, elongate your neck, and slightly pull your chin back and upwards so your head becomes more erect and in

This will help to align the spine with the back of your head.

Keep your eyes closed.

Have your hands in the mudra of yoga – have your thumbs, fingers and wrist resting on your knees. Rest your stomach muscles and focus on relaxing the mind. 

Exhale the air out of your nose as strongly as you are comfortable with.

You should feel your abdominal muscles contracting. This will make the muscles contract and pull your stomach inwards towards your back. 

Let your breath happen completely passively, without any additional effort.

When you exhale, you make a conscious effort to forcefully expel the air from your lungs, while you let the air in naturally and smoothly on the recoil of the breath.

All the breathing takes place through the nose.

After taking the inhalation, exhale again, but make sure to keep your breath flowing continuously at a steady pace

Do a round of 10 repetitions.

Start at two rounds and build your endurance and strength over time.

Conclusion Happy mat yoga practice 

In conclusion, when it comes to being a happy yoga practitioner, there are many different types of yoga. We believe that yoga should be enjoyed by everyone and that it should be done with love and compassion. It should not be a chore, but a fun, relaxing and meditative practice that is beneficial to our mental and physical health. We hope that you enjoy this post and that you will come back for more!